About Me

In this section I will summarize my education and work history to help you decide if I have the skills you are looking for to assist your child.

Kerry PicPeople are often surprised to learn that OTs have a background in science.

I graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy (B. App Sc. in OT) in 1980.

This amazing course gave me a platform to springboard my therapy career.

The basic science subjects (anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology etc.) provided a brilliant basis to learn about human development. The psychosocial subjects such as psychology, sociology and counselling provided an understanding of the social and emotional aspects.

Other subjects allowed opportunities to learn therapies and practical skills as well as developing the tools to find and use evidence-based research for future learning. The broad base of this course led me to follow a paediatric career with special interests in sensory processing, motor skill development and autism.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

My first position was as at (what is now known as) the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. This ten year position (1980-1990) allowed me to work with children of all ages from both the local and country areas of NSW. Here I could learn from a wide team of health professionals to expand my knowledge base. I left this position as second-in-charge of the department with a senior teaching and clinical role. During this time I completed a Neurodevelopmental Therapy course and training to do hydrotherapy thus expanding my therapeutic techniques.

Cubby House Toy Library

In this delightful role at Cubby House Toy Library for Children with Additional Needs, I worked with children with a wide array of issues as well as getting to know their families. The role involved providing advice on development and loaning out toys resources for families to complete therapy programs at home. It offered me the opportunity to work with the whole family, to learn about their needs and work out how to make their child’s home therapy program work.

This position was held from 1990-2009 and allowed me to rear my own family while maintaining contact with my profession.

Private OT Practice

I opened my private practice in 2009. This has enabled me to capitalize on my years of experience to create a flexible approach to meet the therapy needs of each family. For more information about how I work visit the Initial Info page.

My Qualifications

  • I am a Registered Occupational Therapist ( ahpra.gov.au ) and as such, follow the code of ethics and have appropriate privacy policies and insurance in place.
  • This also requires me to keep pace with professional knowledge which is effortless for me as I love to learn and have a list of completed courses available for viewing.
  • I am a member of my professional association ( www.otaus.com.au)
  • I am a registered provider for Medicare Services Provider No. 4191671F
  • I am a registered provider with FaHSCIA (Helping children with Autism program and Better Start program ( dss.gov.au )